401(k) Rollovers and Roth Conversions

Let’s face it —  Rollovers and Conversions are complex. Dealing with a local, family-owned company will provide you with a personal experience to navigate through the process that you will not find anywhere else.

Leave The Complexities Behind and Focus on What Matters – Your Retirement.

Unless you work in finance — 401(k)s, IRAs, and Roth IRAs and all their tax implications and strategies are probably not fun topics for you. We do our best to move past all of the text book definitions of acronyms and focus on you and your goals, and what we can do to get you there.

At the heart of every retirement plan is a person, and often times a family, that is depending on proper management. We take that responsibility with the utmost sense of duty that you can not find at large corporate firms. 


What Are The Benefits of Working With Us For Your Rollover?


We Make a Real Connection.

No call centers or automated menus — you deal directly with us. From understanding the entire process of your Rollover or Roth Conversion to tailoring choices to your specific goals and life, our team is there to guide you through it.

Attention to Detail.

Some firms have a fast-food approach to their customer service, prioritizing quantity over quality. That is not us. We make sure we have a clear picture of you what you need so we can to make the most informed decisions with you.

Guidance & Support.

We get to know you personally, and are experienced in a wide range of finance related services and situations. This puts us in a position to give truly personal and tailored advice that you will not find elsewhere.

Have a large balance in your 401(k) that you don’t want to move? We’ve got great news.

It is possible that we may be able to offer your our professional money management services and better investment options right inside of your current 401(k) plan. Be sure to ask us if this is something you are interested in!


What is the difference between a Rollover and a Roth Conversion?

A Rollover is moving your 401(k) balance to another plan or to a personal IRA.

A Roth Conversion is done to pay all the taxes now and save taxes on the future
growth of the account.

What situations might someone need a Rollover?

There are various situations where someone might choose to do a Rollover. Below are some, (but not all) of the reasons that one might.

  • Education and first time home buyer expenses

  • More robust beneficiary planning

  • Unlimited investment choices

  • Increased liquidity choices

How long do I have to rollover my 401(k) from a previous employer?

You have a total of 60 Days from the distribution to rollover the 401(k) to a new qualified plan.

Can I just leave my 401(k) with my previous employer?

There are many factors to consider with this. Many employers do allow you to keep your plan with them, however it may not be the most advantageous thing to do in your unique situation. There are many things to consider. You may not be able to deposit more money, take loans, and any withdrawals may need to be for the full amount versus smaller distributions.

This would be a great discussion to have with us and we would be glad to help you weigh your options.


Let’s Talk About Your Options…