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Wouldn’t you like to know if you overpaid on your taxes in the past three years? Our free Refund Review service for new clients allows us to check your previous return for the money you may be owed by the IRS.

We're Detail Oriented

Looking closely at every detail of returns, we uncover missed deductions or credits and incorrect information. This happens more often than you think.

Get Back Hard Earned Cash

If we find you overpaid on your tax return in any of the previous 3 years of returns, we can file an amended return and get you the refund you rightfully deserve.

No Need To Find Old Returns

With authorization, we can access a digital transcript of your previous tax returns right from the IRS databse. No need to track anything down, we do it all!

This is a Zero Cost check
to see if you got everything that was due to you!

The IRS requires us to get a power of attorney (POA) ♠ giving us the ability to pull a transcript from the IRS. Once we have the POA with the IRS then we’re able to process the returns through our system to come up with some suggested areas of your return(s) we need to take a closer look at. We then discuss your options and whether or not it we put more money in your pocket. Remember this is 100% FREE, we do not charge even a penny. We just want you to put the most dollars into your pocket.

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