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From IRAs and 401ks to tax implications and inflation, Retirement Planning is no easy task. However, Nakowicz Financial and our team of experienced Retirement Advisers are here by your side to plan your financial freedom in retirement.

You And Your Family Are The Most Important Piece of Your Retirement Plan.

At Nakowicz Financial, we are a Family Owned and Operated company — looking beyond numbers in retirement, we too understand very well the role that family plays in life, and especially in retirement.

Our Retirement Planning Services focus on not just your financial needs as an individual, but the life you and your family would like to lead in your later years.

With your help, we’ll devise a planning and investment strategy that works for everyone.

Our Team is Constantly on Guard, Keeping Watch and Protecting Your Assets.

Whether there is changing marketing conditions, or new tax laws coming into effect, you can rest assured that Nakowicz Financial and our team of experienced advisers is on top of it and is standing by and doing our very best to make sure that your retirement stays on track.

Our team has decades of experience in the field, and over the years we have helped many clients protect their assets from a variety of potential pitfalls like inflation or a shifting market.

We Offer a 100% Free Retirement Plan Analysis & 401(k) Checkup!

Our Client Testimonials

What Do Our Clients Say?

Let Us Take Care Of Your Financial Freedom.

It’s your money. We are your guides. That is how we think.

Being independent allows us to look holistically at your plan.

We do not waste time guessing or pitching you an idea. We are goals based, meaning we have a logical way of thinking about your plan and how we achieve your goals with your money.

Putting the puzzle together.

You are filling gaps and structuring a process to complete your goals. The plan is nothing more than putting the puzzle together. Once the puzzle is complete, pulling all your financial details together, we can align those to your goals.

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