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IRS/State Tax Notices

Receiving a Notice or Letter from the IRS or State Taxation Division can be nerve wrecking. However, with expert guidance — it doesn’t have to be. We offer a $79 Diagnostic Service to get to the bottom of the problem and develop a plan to solve it.

Only $79 For Diagnosis

Our Diagnostic Service for IRS or State Notices is cost effective and with it we can put together a plan with options that may save you a lot of money.


We Cover All The Bases

We have had many years of experience dealing with issues that are just like yours, and as such know exactly how to get to the root of your problem.


Get a Free Refund Review

Get an optional free refund review of the past 3 years. Aside from diagnosing your letter or notice, we may also find that the IRS owes YOU money.

Did You Receive a Notice From The IRS or State About Taxes?

We deal with situations like this all of the time. Clients call us because they have received requests for documentation, the IRS is questioning deductions or credits — or the scariest of them all, a very unexpected tax bill!

While all of this may be a shock to you, we have many years of experience in this area and routinely solve issues like this every day.

More Often Than Not, We Find A Simple Solution…

While the wording used and the official seal of the IRS or State Taxation Division can be jarring, we may find that what they are looking for is some simple documentation to clear up any issues they may have.

In recent years, the IRS has moved to a much more automated system that will send out computer generated notices and letters based on the information you submit in your return. This does not mean there was an error in your Tax Return. 

These letters often get sent for things as simple as verification of a deduction or credit, or the ommision of a W2 or 1099 with your return.


We Know What They Are Requesting, and How To Respond.

If the letter or notice is simply requesting more documentation, we can put together a plan to prepare and submit documents on your behalf or prepare them for you to submit on your own. We know exactly the information they are looking for and how they would like it to be presented to make the process go as smooth as possible.

If your matter is more complex, that isn’t a problem either — we have your back. We will work with you to get to the root of the problem and discover the options you have available to come to the best solution.


We Can Also Handle Contact With The IRS On Your Behalf

By granting us Power of Attorney (POA) we are authorized by the IRS to act on your behalf in matters which require direct contact with the IRS. This allows us to act as an experienced intermediary, and is a popular option because it can greatly reduce the stress involved with dealing with such matters. 

For Only $79, Our Diagnostic Service Covers:

  • ZTracking down the cause of the letter or notice.
  • ZDiscussing with you what the notice entails and why you received it.
  • ZFormulating a plan and laying out your options and costs involved in solving it.

Learn Why Our Clients Choose Us...

Recently a client received a $2900 bill from the IRS, stating they had missing 1099 income from the return that was filed. In some cases we can file an amended return to correct the IRS findings. We saved the client more than $2700 in taxes, penalties, and interest just properly reporting the income on an amended return.

Learn Why Our Clients Choose Us...

A client received a letter stating that Massachusetts received a misfile. Mass had over-calculated the return stating the client owed $3300. We looked into the situation on behalf of the client and we found that they were actually due a refund. When the matter was resolved, not only did we save that client over $3300, they had actually received money back instead of paying out.
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