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Tax Debt Resolution & Negotiation

If you owe the IRS over $10k, we can help you negotiate with the IRS to eliminate, reduce, or get better terms on the debt you owe.

Do You Owe The IRS 10k or More? We Can Help You Get a Fresh Start.

A little known fact that can change your life — the IRS is in many cases willing to settle and negotiate delinquent Tax Debt. If you have Tax Debt that you are unable to pay, or do not have enough time to pay, it is possible that a much more favorable deal can be made.

However, for this to happen it is absolutely recommended you get expert representation to state your case and handle the vast amount of documentation and paperwork required in IRS Debt Resolution or an Offer In Compromise.

That’s where we come in. 

We Are A Card Carrying Member of The ASTPS!

The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to supporting Tax Professionals such as ourselves who aim to go above and beyond to cater to the needs of our clients.

We Are Proud To Have Helped Many Clients Just Like You Negotiate Tax Debt.


One client had a tax lien that was placed on his IRS account. They were trying to refinance their mortgage and could not go further with the bank. The IRS would not release until we went through our process to release the lien.


Recently, we had a client that was able to negotiate their tax debt and the $85k owed was able to be reduced to a total $12k, which then was able to be paid over a period of time.

We Charge a $0 Fee To Explore and Present Your Options. Yes, It’s Free.

We only charge for actually correcting your issue. Our diagnostic is totally free and without strings attached.

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