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Stress-Free Tax Preparation Services

CinchTax is our Professional Tax Preparation Service that allows users to quickly and easily send their tax documents to us so we can prepare them.

Effortless Tax Preparation

Stay Home, Upload, &
Let Us Do the Work.

CinchTax is a tax preparation service that will revolutionize the way you do taxes — or more specifically, make it so you do not have to do them…
Because with CinchTax we handle everything for you. No calculators, no sifting receipts, no headaches.

While self-preparation services leave you doing the work, CinchTax allows you to have your taxes prepared and reviewed by a Certified Public Accountants or Enrolled Agent who knows and understands all of the nuances of the tax code and is able to get you the best refund possible.

No Stone Left Unturned

Our many years of experience allow us to spot deductions and credits where others fall short — leaving more money in your pocket. 

File With Flexibility

Whether you prefer you keep your preparation completely digital, or hand deliver your documents to our office — we’ve got you covered.

Top Notch Security

From encrypted file transfers to our internal data handling policies, we go the extra mile to provide security and confidentiality.

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Why Do Our Clients Love 

  • ZReturns are prepared by Tax Professionals
  • ZNo traveling to or hauling paperwork anywhere!
  • ZNo acting as a tax preparer and fumbling with software.
  • ZThe relief that your return will be correct. We check each and every return no less than 3 times.
  • ZEasy upload, computer or mobile.
  • ZRidiculously easy to get your taxes done.
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