Send us a File - Securely

You can send us your entire set of documents for your annual return.
We’ll take those documents and build your return. Easy Peasy!

How To Securely Send a Document to Nakowicz Financial

We use an extrodinary system for sending, receiving, and managing files for our clients. Not only is it easy to use for both our clients and us, it is also an extremely secure way to send financial documents.

#1. Prepare Your Documents and Save Them To Your Computer

If your documents are currently in paper format, you may need a scanner to prepare your documents in digital format if there is many pages. If it is a small document such as an IRS notice, a high resolution photo may suffice. 

#2. Visit Our SecureFilePro Portal

SecureFilePro is where we receive and manage your documents. It can be accessed via the button at the end of this page.

#3. Sign in or Send as Guest & Upload Files

If you are a current client, you may have already been provided or have created a login on our system. If you are a new client and this is your first time dealing with us, you may use the Guest Upload function of SecureFilePro. Just be sure to use the same name for the account that you may have provided to us in the upload form so we may find your documents easily. 


Link to Our Portal:

Uploading to the Secure Portal, Using the Guest Exchange
Uploading if you have an account with our Portal
Reviewing, Signing, and Paying for your return.