Tax season is already starting and you’ve probably started seeing tax return chains popping up in strip malls already. They’re practically ready with a Drive-Thru window and the big tax shops may seem like your only option, but is their fast-food system the best place to take YOUR tax return?

  1. Big steps in life, like buying your first home, make your tax return increasingly complex. Those complexities are better handled with the attention you receive from a local tax professional.
  2. Big tax firms target and specialize in low-income taxpayers with earned income credit. Your taxes are likely more detailed and you could be losing out on tax deductions and credits that save you money or increase your return.
  3. Local tax firms are invested in their community. That usually means reasonable fees that are often less than the big name tax firms.
  4. Local tax professionals have years of tax experience unlike the limited experience of the seasonal employee in the big tax shops.
  5. Local tax professionals are available year-round to help or follow up on any financial issues you may have, unlike the big tax shops that close on April 15.
  6. If you’ve outgrown the tax chains, chances are that your finances aren’t just about a simple return. Local tax companies can offer a varied menu of other financial solutions: retirement planning, tax-cutting strategies, estate planning, etc.
  7. Tax chains don’t represent you if there’s an unforeseen issue. Your local tax pro is professionally designated and is skilled at helping you with issues with the IRS and State.

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