Hillary, the wife of the owner, who is the business manager of a local repair company, made the switch and in her words, “I’ll never go back, why would I?”

On one of our monthly meetings, with Hillary, we discussed her Quickbooks and how she handled the input and month end reporting. She stated to me that she was finding issue reconciling her books and becoming frustrated with the amount of time and effort it takes for her to do her own bookkeeping.

She had some training in Quickbooks, but like many small business owners (or the wife of one charged with doing the bookkeeping) they are not accountants nor want to be one. Creating their books is just something they HAVE TO DO. They want to get it done and get it done in the faster, simplest way possible.

It was time to introduce her to XERO!
       The game-changing small business owner friendly accounting platform.

Within just a few hours of training and a quick, smooth transition from Quickbooks, her books were now in complete order. She has since been extremely happy with the ease of monthly bookkeeping and is quite surprised at how easily it is done. She now offers her own insight to the financial picture of the business, which we can discuss and plan for the future. Ultimately, she and her husband are now able to have more time with their family and when we last met she has plans for a vacation with her extra time!

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