We make bookkeeping fun and exciting, I know that is hard to believe.

Growing up in a family CPA/Tax business you learn lots of things that are useful for life and your finances. One of the things you learn is that accounting is a very serious industry with lots of serious people – I am chuckling as I write this. Obviously this is a good thing, but for the small business owner, this could be very confusing. So finding a good Accountant who can translate what the government wants, what you want as the owner, and how that all works towards creating wealth for yourself, is very important for all small businesses.

This is ultimately why we chose Xero. Small business owners are not accountants; doing their books is purely something they have to do, not want to do. We at Nakowicz Financial are helping to change that mantra and get owners excited about their bookkeeping. We have created partnerships with several useful tools to get you the information you require with the least amount of time and energy. So that means you can get on with your business and life.

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