Mike a local independent salesman was having many issues getting all of his credit card expenses in order for tax season, because of the sheer volume of transactions and multiple credit cards. It was a monster that would push his filing later and later into the season.

He tried using various softwares to help this process, from QuickBooks to Concur. None seemed to really help him, it just created more of a monster.

Enter Xero.

Xero takes all of his credit card accounts, breaks them into the same easy-to-use process screen and makes going through his expenses fun and easy. I know “fun”; well maybe not “fun”, but definitely simpler. He just about hugged me when we instructed him on the new process. The BEST part, Xero learns his trends and vendors, then auto-codes all future transactions, making future processing better with each go around.

His banks accounts are handled in the same way, making the process of getting ready for tax season such a simpler task and not the beast it once was. Mike can now complete and get his return filed in the beginning of tax season. That makes Mike happy.

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