Tired of QuickBooks, Tired of Entry, Tired of being an Accountant for your business?

NEW Small Business Software that allows owners to do what they are good at, their skill/craft.

The go-to program has long been QuickBooks. We have even recommended it to clients and many business owners know of it. BUT, that was the past. We no longer recommend Quickbooks for any type business since we have started our partnership with Xero.

Xero, is the game-changer. This is the software almost ALL businesses NEED to use. Bold Statement, Huh!? We are serious, it IS that good.

What makes it different? Lots… that is why it is so game-changing. Here are a few of the biggest reasons, this is the year you might want to change the small business software you use for your books:

  1. 100% zero degradation and 100% audit trail: Once you import, enter, change something in Xero it’s there, even if you delete/void something it is easily brought back. To say it another way, even if you mistakenly delete a transaction, we can simple find the deleted transaction in the software and click restore.  The Audit Trail may be one of the most useful tools, we as an accounting firm use. We can troubleshoot corrections in a timely manner not 9 months down the road when we see the books for tax season. We are collaborating not historically analyzing.
  2. Easy interface: No more heavy words like Debits or Credits or Journal Entries or anything else confusing. By simply changing the word(s) revenue/income or expense to Money Coming In/Money Going Out you have made the software intuitive enough for anyone to do their bookkeeping.
  3. Automatic Bookkeeping – Setup rules, the set and learn auto-coding, and bank feeds make the job of organizing your financials non-existent. Verify the data versus creating it with data entry.

This is just the beginning of all that Xero helps with. The next step that you now have at your finger tips is financial data at a moments notice. This grants you the ability to make informed decisions versus what most do, look at the bank account and guess. This is now available because it is possible to have daily updated books versus going through months of transactions at the end of the year. This also helps tax time. Who likes to have a great year with lots of extra income and give it all to the IRS? With planning, we can have ongoing conversations about your tax load and make sure we are properly recording income and expenses.

We have demos available all the time. Just let us now if you would like to see how Xero and Nakowicz Financial can take your business to the next level. www.nakowiczfinancial.com