Businesses having feelings too. Clients perceive your company’s culture and personality, they are a reflection of you and the people inside the company.

Let’s set the scene: when you started your business there were fireworks, dreams of a bright future and endless promises of commitment. The honeymoon period might have lasted months, years even, but after a while it started to fizzle out.

Before long the business had become a chore, taken up with dealing with the day-to-day banalities: profit and loss statements, inventories, pay runs and financial planning – it’s enough to turn any relationship sour.

It’s a story that’s familiar to many small business owners. Though it starts with passion and desire, the reality of running a business has a way of dousing the flames. So what can you do to bring the magic back? Let’s explore some options:

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Our commentary:

In our experience with Xero, it has definitely got us fired up about our own business and many clients feel the same way.

Xero initially sounds like just another Quickbooks, then you use it and “Woah Nelly!”  You start changing right away. I see your faces when I demo, it is actually really amazing. You see the river through the trees, actually you see distance worlds through Space. You see the possibilities. It is not the same and it will change you.

It will help you not only save time, but because you NOW have data you can get analysis of how to go forward and plan for the future. Understanding at the root level of what works and what does not is how the big companies do it. You now have that ability at your finger tips.

If you are interested in learn how Xero can create passion for your business schedule a demo here