1.) How do I deal with the significant shift in my daily activities? While we are working we often find ourselves dreaming about traveling and relaxing all day during retirement. The reality is as we get closer to retirement the panic sets in, “What will I do with all this free time?” We often forget how much our identity is tied to our work lives.

Working is also a significant part of our daily socialization.  Most of our social interactions are with our co-workers, customers, and/or vendors on a daily basis. Who will we spend time with during our retirement?

Lots of thought needs to be given to this, as how you will spend your days, weeks, and your long-term retirement. Where will you go, what will you do, who will be with you during retirement? This is the first step and often the most missed step of planning for retirement.

2.) Life expectancy is ever increasing. Great news, Right!? Living longer has many benefits. In my case, it is living to see my grandchildren mature into adults. What’s your benefit, can you picture it?

With this exciting news comes some added responsibility. The nest egg that you grew and nurtured during your work-life has to last longer to support a longer life. It now has to act like a pension plan with monthly payments guaranteed for your life and your spouses.

3.) Healthcare?  Not too long ago Medicare cost for people over 65 was relatively inexpensive.
Fast-forward to today, Medicare costs are now significant for people over 65. Not to mention, the increasing copays, increasing deductibles, supplement premiums, and prescription costs are now adding significant burden to retirement. To plan for these added costs, you now must estimate your healthcare needs.

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